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April 16, 2012

56 years after Gruesome Chemical Catastrophe, Science Prevented Second Texas City Disaster.

Coauthored by C. J. Beegle-Krause
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Relevant Publications

Habitat Visualization

Pelagic Habitat Visualization: The Need for a Third (and Fourth) Dimension:

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Abstract: Habitat in open water is not simply a 2-D to 2.5-D surface such as the
ocean bottom or the air-water interface. Rather, pelagic habitat is a 3-D volume of
water that can change over time, leading us to the term habitat space. Visualization
and analysis in 2-D is well supported with GIS tools, but a new tool was needed for
visualization and analysis in four dimensions.

Deep Well Blowout: Lessons


Combining Modeling with Response in Potential Deep Well Blowout: Lessons Learned from Thunder Horse

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Abstract: In May of 2003 a drilling riser break at a BP development well in 6015 feet (1875 m) of water in the Gulf of Mexico initiated a dialog between BP responders and NOAA/HAZMAT modelers about the potential consequences of a deep well blowout.

Attachment: Download NOAA/HAZMAT Deepwater Spill Incident Data Preparation Sheet

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