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Photos of Why We Need Research4D

Sinking Ship
Provided Courtesy of NOAA

On 11 November 2005, the Tanker Barge DBL-152 was damaged by a collision with debris from Hurricane Rita. The vessel eventually overturned and spilled 3 million gallons of an oil heavier than seawater. Trajectory predictions were challenging because the oil moved along the bottom out of sight.

CJ Beegle-Krause
Provided Courtesy of NOAA

This photo is of CJ Beegle-Krause aboard a response vessel during the DBL-152 incident. She helped in tracking and predicting the spill trajectory. The scientific work on the long-term transport of the oil was published in Beegle-Krause, CJ, C. Barker, G. Watabayashi and W. Lehr (2006). "Long-Term Transport of the Oil from the T/B DBL-152: Lessons Learned for Oils Heavier than Seawater" Arctic and Marine Oil Pollution Conference 2006 Proceedings, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, June 6-8, 2006. Ottawa, Ontario: Environment Canada.

Provided Courtesy of NOAA
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